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Socially active bank - we treat every action we take as an investment in the future. We act responsibly, being aware that what we do today determines  what the world and our organisation will look like in the future. We are creating a community of professionals who respect the environment and cooperate with stakeholders of BOŚ, full of green energy.

We support our customers.  In addition to highly specialised financial solutions, we prepare specialist expertise and raise knowledge in the field of environmental protection. We carry out our activities for the benefit of society with a view to positively influencing key stakeholders, including our clients. An important area for us is also the cooperation and support of non-governmental organisations, science and culture institutions. Key social activities are implemented through programmes of the BOŚ Foundation.

At the same time, we take numerous measures aimed at our employees, creating a dynamic workplace where commitment, professionalism and respect are combined. We are committed to providing our employees with opportunities for continuous and sustainable development. We are convinced that the further growth of our organisation is possible only thanks to the action of a community of people sharing the same values. That is why we pay special attention to activities that strengthen the organisational culture and work atmosphere. We strengthen relationships within the team as well as between employees and management.

  • We build our organisational culture on mutual respect. Respect for others and ecology, by taking care of oneself, others and the natural environment, is one of the most important values included in the Development Strategy of Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A.

    Bank Ochrony Środowiska is guided by the principle of not allowing any discrimination in employment, direct or indirect.

    Taking care of diversity in the Bank means non-discrimination in any way, both directly and indirectly due to: gender, age, disability, health condition, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, denomination, non-denominational, political beliefs, trade union membership, orientation sexual identity, gender identity, family status, lifestyle, employment basis, and other premises that may expose you to discriminatory behaviour.

    The policy applies to all bank employees, regardless of their position.

    At Bank Ochrony Środowiska, we support diversity through:

    • actively counteracting mobbing, discrimination and harassment based on the implemented "Internal Anti-Harassment Policy",
    • conducting the recruitment process in a way that gives equal opportunities to candidates applying for the same position in accordance with the internal Recruitment Regulations,
    • supporting the employment of people with disabilities,
    • a transparent remuneration policy that ensures equal treatment of all employees,
    • employee evaluation system,
    • strategy of competence development binding in BOŚ, covering all employees.

    The policy is subject to annual review by the HR Department.  As part of the review, an analysis is carried out in the context of diversity together with the recommendation of appropriate actions.

  • With regard to diversity in the composition of the Management Board of the Bank, the Bank has introduced a formal "Diversity Policy with respect to the members of the Management Board of BOŚ S.A.", which aims:

    1) to promote the election of the members of the Management Board of the Bank, taking into account the principle of diversity;

    2) to support the implementation of the strategic objectives of the Bank through the implementation of the principle of diversity of the members of the Management Board;

    3) to ensure that persons with a broad set of qualities and competence, such as diverse skills, education, work experience, knowledge, gender and age, are elected as members of the Management Board of the Bank.

    The above will be implemented taking into account the provisions of the existing Policy of assessing the suitability in relation to candidates/members of the Management Board of the Bank and the Resolution of the General Meeting of Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A. on the appointment and dismissal of members of the Management Board.

  • Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A. is committed to respecting and protecting fundamental human rights and undertakes to respect them in accordance with the principles set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other internationally recognised norms and standards.

    The Human Rights Protection Policy sets out ways to promote respect for human rights through:

    • non-discrimination,
    • freedom of association,
    • opposition to forced labour,
    • appropriate working and pay conditions,
    • health and safety at work,
    • integrity,
    • respect for privacy,
    • implementation of Whistleblowing.

    As part of its respect for human rights, BOŚ identifies, assesses, prevents and mitigates the risk of human rights violations by applying appropriate actions immediately when such events occur.

    The policy is subject to annual review by the HR Department in collaboration with the organisational unit responsible for compliance.  As part of the review, we conduct an analysis in the context of respect for the protection of human rights.

  • The Bank’s supplier undertakes to comply with the generally applicable labour laws in relations with its employees, while respecting their personal dignity and privacy. In particular, the supplier must refrain from any discrimination in employment on grounds of gender, age, disability, medical condition, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, denomination, irreligion, political views, union membership, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, lifestyle, basis of employment, and other grounds that may give rise to discriminatory practices. The supplier should comply with the minimum wage regulations applicable in the relevant jurisdiction where it operates and where it employs or enters into other relationships with personnel, so as to ensure that at least their basic needs of subsistence are met, and should comply with its own internal remuneration rules. The Bank’s supplier should ensure that its working time arrangements are compliant with the applicable basic legal requirements, comprising a maximum of 8 working hours per day and an average of 48 working hours per week, unless the law allows the supplier to have (e.g., due to the specific nature of its business) different working time arrangements.

  • Our bank, together with the BOŚ Foundation, engages in activities within the scope of broadly understood corporate social responsibility. Established in 2009, it is the first corporate foundation in Poland established by the bank to support the activities of the mission of Bank Ochrony Środowiska. The Foundation works to protect the environment, promote ecology and sustainable development so that raising living standards for citizens does not come at the expense of the environment.

    The Foundation implements its own programmes and projects that affect changes in social behaviour. It supports the development of environmental knowledge among bank employees and activates pro-environmental and pro-social attitudes. It actively collaborates with institutions with similar goals.

    Numerous initiatives carried out by the Foundation involve employees of the entire BOŚ Group, business and social partners, as well as customers and friends.