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Green transformation Leader - We create green financial products and consistently grow our green portfolio to support green transformation. Making sure that the projects we fund support environmental challenges. Providing our customers with expert support to achieve positive results.

Not only do we place the highest demands on our customers and business partners in terms of environmental protection, but as an organisation we also strive to continually reduce our negative impact.

Our ambition is to become a leader in green change. We listen to our customers' needs and adapt our product offer to them. We are strengthening key areas in order to, in line with the adopted strategy, strengthen sector and technological expertise in the field of ecology and climate in the coming years, expanding partnerships and continue to actively act to protect the environment and climate in Poland.

  • The climate policy sets out the directions of activities of Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A. aimed at counteracting climate change, adapting to climate change and achieving by the bank the emission reduction targets in accordance with the provisions of the ESG Strategy. The policy supports the implementation of tasks arising from documents on sustainable financing and reporting of climate-related information. The climate policy of BOŚ takes into account the provisions of the Paris Agreement and the legislative packages of the European Union such as the European Green Deal, Fit for 55 and national strategic documents.

    The objectives of the Policy will be implemented through activities focused on:

    • reducing the Bank's carbon footprint,
    • supporting clients' climate transformation,
    • limiting financing for carbon-intensive sectors and projects,
    • managing the risks associated with climate change,
    • taking advantage of opportunities and possible positive effects of climate change.
  • The environmental policy of Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A. refers to the bank's impact on the natural environment, specifies plans and obligations that are to minimise the risks resulting from inappropriate use of natural resources. It is an update of the policy introduced by BOŚ in 2011 , which was extended to include: ESG aspects in business decisions and regular monitoring of the bank's carbon footprint.

    The policy defines the obligations of BOŚ regarding, among others, meeting the legal requirements with regard to environmental protection that relate to the bank, promoting sustainable development among customers, preventing pollution, applying good market practices in the field of environmental protection and promoting environmental knowledge awareness stakeholders.

  • We pursue our proecological mission also in our own operational activity. Since 2022, we have been continuously calculating emissions related to the Bank’s operating activities on an annual basis, and from 2023 (for 2022) the entire BOŚ Capital Group, which include:   Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A., Dom Maklerski Banku Ochrony Środowiska S.A. (DM), BOŚ Leasing- EKO Profit S.A. (BLEP) and BOŚ Foundation. Our emission calculations are subject to independent verification to achieve the highest possible reliability of the results.

    In line with the ESG Strategy, we have the ambition to systematiclly reduce our carbon footprint and we want to achieve this purpose in the scientific base, which is why in 2021 we joined for the Science Based Target initiative, supporting the decarbonization strategy.

    We calculated the carbon footprint of the BOŚ Capital Group for 3 scopes:

    Scope 1 includes direct emissions resulting from the activities od the Capital Group. Examples of activities include burning in own or controlled sources or the use of company vehicles.

    Scope 2 includes indirect emissions related to the generation of energy, heat or cold, purchased and used by the BOŚ Group. Emissions from its used are physically within the company boundaries. To carry out emission calculations for Scope 2 was used the Corporate Standard (GHG Protocol). According to its assumptions, the organization is obliged to determine the emissions and consumed electricity,steam, heat or cold. The calculations are carried out taking into account two methods: location based and market based.

    Scope 3 includes indirect emissions from sourses that are not owned or controlled by the BOŚ Group. Within Scope 3, the following categories were reported:

    • category 1. Purchased goods and services (paper, water),
    • category 3. Fuel- and energyrelated activities,
    • category 4. Transportation and distribution (courier services),
    • category 5. Waste generated in operations,
    • category 6. Business travel,
    • category 7. Employee commuting,
    • category 8. Upstream leased assets,
    • Category 13. Downstream leased assets.

    The level of the bank’s and total BOŚ Capital Group’s calculated issues in 2022, with particular categories and scopes, is presented in the table:



    Emission 2022 [Mg CO2eq]

    BOŚ S.A.

    Other companies of the Capital Group (DM, BLEP, Foundation)

    BOŚ Capital Group


    Company cars and operating leases – fuel (diesel, petrol)



    1 462,0

    1 466,4

    Natural gas - fuel




    Electicity - location


    2 154,0

    1 137,8

    3 291,8

    Electricity - market




    CO energy




    Electricity - transmission





    Electicity – remote work




    Water intake




    Printing paper




    Curier posts




    Business travels




    Commuting to work




    Municipal sewage




    Upstream leased assets




    Downstream leased assets




    Sum - location based


    3 790,1

    16 764,8

    20 554,9

    Sum - market based


    1 636,2

    16 078,4

    17 714,6

    Scope I



    1 475,4

    1 523,7

    Scope II - location based


    2 647,4

    1 269,0

    3 916,4

    Scope II - market based




    1 076,1

    Scope III


    1 094,5

    14 020,3

    15 114,8

    Compensating our carbon footprint, we took an active part in pro-ecological activities, such as planting trees in nearby forest districts. In 2022, we manager to plant nearly 2,750 tree seedlings, including: beeches, pines, oaks, firs and Scots pine. In this way, employees of the BOŚ Capital Group contributed to environmental protection and increased the numer od trees in the area of their workplace.

    We also took part in the auction of Carbon Dioxide Units (CDU) organized by the State Forests. Each CDU corresponds to one tonne of CO2 additionally absorber as a result of the activities carried out under the Forest Coal Farms project. BOŚ purchased 5,202 CDU. Revenues from the auction will be allocated for the purposes indicated by individual buyers – from programs for the protection of endangered species, trough the construction of forest tourist infrastructure, to the purchase of land for afforestation.

  • Our knowledge of the directions of development of pro-ecological undertakings and transformation projects of our clients is based on the education and experience of our expert team, which includes engineers - environmentalists. Environmentalists of Bank Ochrony Środowiska support clients at every stage of the implementation of investment projects. They assist the bank's clients in preparing and financing the implementation of environmentally friendly projects and often inspire them to take additional measures to reduce the negative impact of their companies on the environment. They take care of, among others, to ensure that funds allocated to pro-ecological projects are spent in accordance with the rigours imposed by environmental law. BOŚ experts help in developing an optimal investment financing model, which is especially valuable where preferential financing conditions, subsidies from national and EU funds are at stake.

    We monitor investments implemented with our financial support in terms of achieving the assumed business effects, as well as the environmental effects, which is our market distinguishing feature.

    The bank's environmental staff are keen to share their knowledge, which is why the Chief Ecologists attend trade fairs, seminars and thematic conferences. They publish articles in the trade press and on internet portals. They take an active part in opinion-forming teams concerning nationwide programs, including “The Clean Air Programme” or “My Electrician Programme”. They prepare factual materials and analyses for the Management Board and other organisational units of the bank.

  • Supporting the system of financing ecological investments in Poland is the most important task that has been carried out by BOŚ from the beginning of its existence. Our efforts to ensure the quality of the natural environment in Poland have a strong foundation in the bank's thirty-year history. We are particularly committed to constructing products that support the financing of broadly understood ecological investments. The pro-ecological financial products we offer are created taking into account the principles of sustainable development.

    We are involved in initiatives related to the introduction of financial products that support the prevention and adaptation to climate change, the transition to the circular economy, reduction of pollutant emissions, sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems.

    Bank Ochrony Środowiska closely cooperates with the most important institutions forming the national system of financing environmental protection: The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the Provincial Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management support the implementation of ecological investments in priority areas of the national environmental policy.

    Our ECO offer complements the priority programmes of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. It broadens the availability and possibilities of financing ecological investments, which allows to meet ecological challenges to an even greater extent.

  • Bank Ochrony Środowiska has been regularly publishing its Ecological Report for over 22 years. This annual publication summarises the current challenges related to environmental protection on a global and national scale, issues related to climate change and environmental protection in various aspects, as well as specific activities of BOŚ in this area.

    One of the key elements of the Ecological Report is the presentation of the specialist financial offer of BOŚ and a summary of the environmental effects resulting from projects financed by the bank. The reports also include case studies of investments carried out by the bank's clients.

    From 2020, the Ecological Report of Bank Ochrony Środowiska has a new version, and its continuation is the ESG Report.