Internet Banking System

The BOŚBank24 iBOSS system is available to all those corporate customers and local governments that have active bank account with BOŚ SA.

BOŚBank24 iBOSS System allows for:

  • executing current and deferred money transfers,
  • executing money transfers to Social Security Authorities (ZUS) and Tax Authorities (US),
  • executing cross-border money transfers,
  • creating and editing a list of counterparties,
  • checking account balances,
  • opening deposits,
  • executing direct debits,
  • checking transactions’ history,
  • printing confirmations proving that money transfers have been executed,

The first login rules
When login to BOŚBank24 iBOSS system for the first time you should:

  • In the ID field you should enter User ID assigned by the Bank.
  • If you have a token, you should enter 6 digits displayed by the token in the Key field, after login the system will extort a password change. The new password shall have 3 – 5 characters length.
  • If you have a safe electronic signature, you should activate card according to KIR documentation and set PIN number, which contains 4 – 8 digitis.

While his next log-ins to BOŚBank24 iBOSS system, the User who has already chosen his own password will enter his:

  • password of 3 to 5 characters long and 6 digits displayed by the token in case of having a token,
  • password of 4 to 8 characters long in case of having a safe electronic signature.
    in the Key field.

Confirmation of disposition
Because of safety reasons, some operations executed through BOŚBank24 iBOSS have to be confirmed by a key. Such requirement refers for instance making money orders, opening term deposits, and entering direct debits.

  • For the User who has a token to confirm his dispositions is 6 digits displayed by a token.
  • For the User who has a safe electronic signature to confirm his dispositions is PIN number.

PC/notebook with USB port (only for users using safe electronic signature) and installed internet browser handling a128-bit SSL protocol and required for handling safe electronic signature installed a virtual machine Java (SUN). The suggested setting of screen resolution is 1024x768.

Safety rules for using internet banking services

  • It is not allowed to make cards with safe electronic signature available to anyone.
  • No one is allowed to have access to your token.
  • It is not allowed to go away from your computer after you have logged into the BOŚBank24 system. Upon completion of your work you should log out and close the browser.
  • ID may be revealed exclusively to BOŚ S.A.’s employees if it is required for carrying out disposition of the Customer.
  • It is not allowed to keep passwords, PIN numbers and tokens together with your ID. The best way is to memorise passwords as well as PIN numbers to cards with safe electronic signatures or write down in the way disabling other persons from understanding them.
  • Entering your ID and password / PIN Numbers you should make sure that no one is looking at you. You should not be using internet banking system on generally available computers, e.g. at internet cafeterias.
  • Passwords / PIN numbers shall be regularly changed.

The User has a choice of usage a token or safe electronic signature.
Token guarantees a high level of safety in using internet banking system through the generating disposable, dynamic passwords to the application. Thanks to this token assures secured way of requests’ verification and users’ identification.

By using safe electronic signature (issued by KIR S.A.) each user who will decide to use it, obtain a highest security of contacts with the Bank through the internet channel. Safe electronic signatures, verified according to the Electronic Signature Law, on the strength of qualified certificates are equal to handwritten signature. Among unquestionable advantages of safe electronic signature is that it is assigned solely with signatory, which enables his unambiguous identification and assures integrity/permanence of signed data. Safe electronic signature is currently the best form of internet system transactions security.

Each internet user has to secure his own computer. Antivirus program and firewall should be installed. The user should systematically check availability and then install updates and modifications delivered by software producers, especially of the operating system and the internet browser.

Before you log in you should make sure whether the connection is coded with 128-bit SSL protocol, and whether you have actually connected to the website, and whether the website certificate is correct.

The certificate may be verified by clicking a lock that symbolises a secured connection or in the browser menu. Based on the example of the Internet Explorer browser this will be:
File -> Properties -> Certificates- folder General, Details, Certification procedure

The Bank never sends inquiries to clients about passwords or other confidential data. Letters or telephones in such cases will be treated as an attempt of steal confidential information out of you. In mail correspondence, addressed to BOŚ SA through electronic mail, you are allowed to provide neither IDs nor passwords, pay cards numbers, bank accounts numbers, personal data, etc.

Browser settings
Based on the example of the Internet Explorer browser we provide the recommended browser settings:

  • Internet options > Contents > Auto correction
    fields Forms, User names and passwords on forms, are marked off
  • Internet options > General > Temporary internet files > Settings
    Check on the list whether newer versions of websites are available that are marked at Each visit on that site
  • Internet options > Advanced, part Browsing
    the field, Switch on browser extensions of other companies, is marked off
  • Internet options > Advanced, part Safety protections
    the field, Do not save secured websites on the disk, is marked; Internet options > Advanced, Java(SUN) part – marked field “Use JRE” (only for customers using safe electronic signature)

If you have any queries or doubts, please contact us at our telephone number: 0 801 355 455 for domestic connections from fixed-line telephones or 48 22 543 34 34 for connections from mobile telephones or from abroad where our consultants are available and at your services on business days between 7.45 and 21:00 and on Saturdays between 8.00 and 16:00.

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