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Ever since it went into business in 1995 DM BOŚ S.A. has been among the leading brokerage houses in Poland. DM BOŚ was the first broker in Poland, and among the first ones in Europe, offering account maintenance through the internet in 1996. From September 2002, DM BOŚ has been the leader on future contracts market, with a 15% share of the market.

DM BOŚ directs its steadily improved offer to well-off and active individual clients. The brokers define their mission as meeting client needs for brokerage service in a professional and innovative manner. The main goals of DM BOŚ:

  • to be known as Poland's best quality brokerage house in terms of customer service,
  • to be among top brokerage houses for the innovative character of its proposed solutions,
  • to make profit in all market areas.

To individual clients and companies DM BOŚ offers:

  • managing independent stock market investments

Client can open an investment account, also by mail, free of charge. Orders can be placed in person at the Head Office in Warsaw or in the other 6 branches, by telephone, fax or on the web ( Any funding can be transferred to bank deposits any time.

With an investment account with DM BOŚ investor can do the following:

  • buy shares, bonds and futures contracts listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange,
  • participate in public offers of privatised enterprises.

Participants in stock market business have vast possibilities of increasing profits on their assets. The simplest and safest strategies provide for T-bond purchases, which outweigh profits to be made on bank deposits. By increasing their shares portfolios investors can benefit on the growing value of the companies in which they invested. Even greater possibilities can be gained from futures contracts. Owing to specially designed strategies, investors can make profit both on falling and rising prices on the stock market, while keeping a major part of his savings on the bank account.

DM BOŚ S.A. brokers are perfectly positioned to help investors move on the capital market. Ever since it went into business DM BOŚ has provided an individual approach to Clients and flexibility in tailoring its offer to client needs.

With a view to its major clients and institutional clients, DM BOŚ has established an Individual Client Relationships Section. It guarantees fast information and full confidence. Client is advised of any significant event that may affect the value of his portfolio and he is presented with investment strategy proposals.

Aware of the flagging investor activity on the Polish shares market from November 2002 DM BOŚ offered its Clients possibilities to invest on the most liquid futures markets abroad. Clients can now speculate on changing prices of shares, currencies, commodities.

  • managing account on the web

DM BOŚ can boast of unquestionable experience in that market segment, as the pioneer in Poland of online investment account management. New investment tools, reduced fees and charges, and round-the-clock access to accounts are the trump cards of investing through the web.

The brokerage web service,, can be called an integrated tool, as it opens full-range use of the Internet on the stock market. Owing to options of the information service such as:

  • quotations with no delay,
  • plots of prices of shares, bonds, contracts, currencies, indexes
  • reports of public companies and Polish news agency PAP service notes
  • quotations of foreign indexes and currency rates in Poland and in the world [Markets]
  • "live floor" comments informing of the situation on the floor at the moment
  • an innovative account maintenance application making possible, among other things:
  • placing orders for securities listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • placing subscriptions for privatised companies
  • buying mutual fund units
  • comparing yields of own investments with the market,
    investors can manage their cash better

To individual clients and companies DM BOŚ offers:

  • entrust your money to professionals of the Asset Management Department of DM BOŚ or buy mutual fund units.

Investors turning over their assets for management save time - they need not watch changes on the market - leaving that to specialised staff of the DM BOŚ. The Asset Management Department are offering different types of portfolio:

  • safe portfolio - protecting the invested capital and ensuring a return rate on the investment higher than for long-term bank deposits
  • balanced portfolio - long-term growth in value of capital and ensuring a return rate higher than for the safe strategy
  • active allocation portfolio - medium-term growth in value of capital and similarly as on the balanced portfolio - a return rate higher than for the safe strategy
  • share portfolio - dynamic growth in value of capital over a longer term and ensuring a return rate higher than for the above-mentioned strategies, the safe and the balanced one

Depending on his choice of portfolio, investor can achieve the expected goal of his investment.

Or client can opt for buying units of mutual funds. Client has a good chance of adjusting his units portfolio to the goal and risk attitude, buying units of safe funds, share funds, or 3rd pillar funds. DM BOŚ offers fund families from SEB, DWS and GTFI.
Main advantages of investing in funds:

  • simple and cheap saving
  • wide range of portfolios if different risk attitudes
  • profits higher than on bank deposits
  • safety of invested capital (debt and cash funds)

DM BOŚ employees take orders for the preparation of analyses of companies with a view to individual interests of clients. Moreover every investor has access to daily comments. The offer include instruments distinguishing DM BOŚ on the market:

  • technical analysis - on completion of continuous quotations, our analyst discusses the WIG curve and curves of selected listed companies
  • fundamental analysis and recommendations - clients of DM BOŚ have access to fundamental analyses and recommendations of investments related to the listed companies (the report names a target price as an effect of valuation of the asset)
  • morning bulletin - before any session we prepare a report containing, among other things, a calendar of events, information on companies, projections and analyses for the coming day
  • regular meetings of analysts with investors and representatives of companies, with market authorities speaking on stock exchange mechanisms.

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